Vacation stress: extra vaccination for baby

vacation stress

Have you ever had that day as a mom when you have everything for the vacation all well planned, on schedule and suddenly something twist all the zen in you? Just at the point when you are ready to relax from all those stress from work, buzy daily routines and kids extra activities … you’re back at point zero: vacation stress! I think every mom who is going to travel with their kids have had this experience, at least once. That one time… strike me this time.

We have decided not to go to the far east this year. Just some place near by, as our second baby girl is not even 1 year old. and therefore we thought we could avoid the vacation stress. As we thought it would be easy peasy… untill a couple of weeks ago I read the news about measle break out in some countries in Europe, including the country we are going to visit. What? Really? NOW? I mean.. must it be … NOW? So my husband and I began to google and asked around about this news. We, well at least I did, could not sleep wel for a couple of days because of this.


You see, in the Netherlands the national vaccination programme is really simple and clear. Our second one is now around 11 months and she will get the vaccination for measle, rubella and mumps at the age of 14 months. So actually it is not necessary unless you are travelling to some of the countries with the measle outbreak.  We support vaccination programme but the thing is if our little one get the vaccine, there is a chance that she will get ill for one or two days because of the vaccine and this effect is pass shown from five to twelve days after.  That will be during the holiday.

vacation stress

Having doubted for days we decided to have an early vaccination. It is better to do it than having regret it later on, we thought. Now more than five days later we still have not see any effects on her. Hopefully she is strong. But what I am trying to say is that how one simple decision can overwhelm you when you are a mom.

I hope this holiday goes well and we will be so very happy enjoying each other company. We will let you know later on where we are going, but in the mean time… where are you going this summer holiday? Oh and be sure to check your local vaccination programme if you are travelling to Europe this summer.

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