Three Cities in the Netherlands to Enjoy with Kids

My little red pepper and I love to travel in the Netherlands. We often go by train because of several reasons. First of all it’s because of the view. She loves to see the sceneries and just gaze out the window for a half of hour (exaggerating? Ok, 10 minutes or something). Secondly, it is cheaper. I have a special abonnement which allows me to get 40 % discount if I travel outside the rush hours. My daughter has her own card which allows her to travel for free. I only applied for the card and payed €7, 50 after that it’s €0, 00 until she is 11 years old. Thirdly, because … “it’s fun, mommy!” She enjoys the time on the train when we do a little bit of book colouring, a little bit of chatting, singing and snacking. Fourthly, it is quite safe and child friendly.

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