Blogging in 2020 a la moi!

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It’s already June 2020. Time flies, when you are having fun. Well, life has actually guided me else where. My blogging routines had to be put a side for a while. I am still active in social media, especially Instagram. So when I am not blogging, I writing offline, Instagraming and having a blast with my family.

Never have I ever thought that in 2020 we all, almost in every part of the world, would have to stay at home for months because of a virus. Yes, I am talking about Covid-19. Many aspects of life have seen and felt the effect of this illness. How has it effected yours? Hopefully you all are well and that the down side of this pandemic would not reach you and your love ones.

Blogging in 2020

During the pandemic I thankfully still have my jobs. This is, I think a privilege, because many has lost their jobs during this crisis. Having said that, my job has actually been increasing and getting more exciting. We all have to adapt to the “new normal”, but by far, we are doing OK, here in the food business.

My writing jobs have also increased. I do have to be creative when I interview people, but it is a nice job to do. I would not miss it for the world.

More time for blogging, then? Well, this is a challenge! This post is a beginning. Working two jobs, taking care of the family, running errands, doing the households, plus during this pandemic: being a teacher for the kids, and to make it more exciting, moving to another house! So, ya’ think?

Fingers crossed

I would make and find time to do more blogging in 2020. The next one would be in the theme of travelling during pandemic, how to travel in and around the Netherlands.

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How I spend Christmas Holiday

Just like in other parts of the world where they celebrate Christmas, the Netherlands also celebrates it with two weeks school holiday and ends after New Year’s day (this year a week after New Year’s day). So what do you do, when you also have two weeks off from work, but your husband do not? There’s goes tropical island! Bye bye! So for us this year is staying-at-home kind of holiday. Desperate searching for activities for you and your kids? Well, you’re not alone, sister! But here’s what we have done so far this week.

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Survival kit I must bring when travelling, Indonesian style

I am an Indonesian living in the Netherlands. As part of the Asian communities living abroad, I do have to admit that I still carry on some of the best (well I think it is still the best) Asian traditions while living abroad, such as the food tradition. Luckily I live in the Netherlands. Since the post colonial period there have been so many exotic, especially Indonesian, products in the Netherlands and dishes such as nasi goreng (fried rice) has become a common dish.

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Breda, Surprisingly Attractive!

Sometimes you think that the grass is greener on the other side. You look for something beautiful too far. We tend to do this as well while travelling. I encountered a gem at a city nearby the place I live: Breda. I have only been in this city once and it was eight years ago. What intended to be a few hours of chit-chatting with fellow blogger Ruby from rubybackpacking, ended up to be a half day of wandering.

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