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A lovely blogger, Daphne from lagreenvie, has tagged me on the snack tag. What a good idea! Since it has been a long time that I post something about food. And post giving birth last august, I have enjoyed eating like never before! Even before pregnant. I do try to eat healthy because I breast feed, but once in a while, momma has to have some fun and eat her guilty pleasure! Here are my answers to the Snack Tag.

What is your favourite fastfood?
Many people may find it filthy, but once in a while I like to eat that delicious, fatty, southern fried chicken founded by Colonel Sanders. Yes, I am! However, once I eat I then realise why I do not eat it that often :).

Sweet or savory popcorn?
Savory popcorn. Period!

What is your favourite ice cream?
Ben & Jerry’s and Coldstone. We do not have Coldstone in the Netherlands, but I have tasted it in Indonesia and it was delicious! But if you ask which ice cream flavour I like? My answer will be, chocolate chip, straciatella, mango and pistachio.

Describe the best tart you have ever eaten?
Black Forest cake! I can’t remember where or exactly when. It was quite a long time ago. But I have to say, Black Forest is one of my favourites.

Delivery / take aways (like in the netherlands: or home made snacks?
For me it depends in which country I am. The Netherlands: HOME MADE IS ALMOST ALWAYS BETTER. Indonesia: take away from street food vendor is 99 % always THE BEST.

Cheese platter or a bowl of M&M’s?
Cheese please!!!

What is your favourite snack?
Healthy snack? A bowl of greek yoghurt with oats and fruits. Naughty snack? Fried banana, empanadas and hot wings.

Warm or cold apple pie?
Warm is always better.

What do you order when you go to a café?
Drinks? Vanilla Late or Late Macchiato.

Which snack would you have next to your (Dutch) French fries?

What is your favourite je favoriete chip’s flavour?
Thai’s sweet chilli and Nacho cheese.

So there you go!
Now is my turn to tag other bloggers. I tag Helena, LiyenMarije, and Marijke to answer all those questions. You can answer it in English of In Dutch. Check Daphne’s blog to see the questions in Dutch. Do you also want to join this fun snack tag? Great! This tag is made by Merel from lotuswritings. Please put her link on your snack tag post. A note / link that you get the tag from me would also be awesome!

So, what’s your favourite snack?


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