Pregnancy update

It has been a long time since my last post. I know. I feel as if I have disappointed you so badly.

It was because… well… I do not want to blame it on my pregnancy, but one of the reasons why is due to my conditions (body, mind and soul) during this pregnancy.

Pregnancy drama

Right after having had two weeks spring break in Indonesia and Malaysia with my little red pepper I went back to work with a whole new situation. The first weeks after the vacation I caught a cold, well it was at the end not just a cold after all. After having terrible, I mean terrible tortures for more than five weeks (tortures: coughing constantly, did not have a sense of smell and taste for weeks, headaches, back pain, headaches (did I write headaches again?), pain in the chest while coughing, slightly hard to breath) I finally called the doctor. Here in the Netherlands we have a huisarts (literally: home / family doctor). Before you go to any other specialist at the hospital, you have to let the huisarts check your condition.

Pneumonia during pregnancy

To make a long story short. After a few times of check-ups at the huisarts (the first time: her advise was: take a good rest, which with combination of working and home duties did not work that good and just gotten even worst) I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Well some people think that pneumonia is just a common cold / sickness. It will fade away after a few weeks and I was not supposed to be that dramatic about it. Fine and great if your body reacts that good! But excuse me! Not everybody has the same reaction to the bacteria which caused the pneumonia and in my case, they were pretty damn tough bacteria’s! Well, let me tell you, that it had taken its toll very badly for me. For weeks I slept sitting on the couch! Yes sitting, for crying out loud! And that coughing! It was hell! It tormented me and I ran out of all of my energy. I did not have strength even to do simple things at home. I was pretty exhausted.

Since a week or something I feel better. I have at least less pain in my chest and back. The antibiotics has stopped and the coughing and squeaking sound in my lungs have almost gone away and the pregnancy? Thank God everything is OK with her. Yes, it’s a girl! She grows fast day by day and I feel her kicks getting stronger every day!

my pregnancy now

I am 31 weeks 5 days pregnant now and I can’t wait to share the moments of my ever changing life with you all, through travelling and food of course. I am excited to know, that even though for the next few months I would not be able to travel that far and that much and would not be able to eat those delicious glorious food of the globe, I will soon be on that path again with my little (but-ooh-not-that-too-little-anymore) red pepper and another pepperoncini (a very small one!)

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