The “OMG! Very Delicious!” food of Bologna

The city of Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna province, Italy, is the food heaven for gastronomers, foodies and common people like you and me who love to eat. One thing you have to do before departing to Bologna is: EMPTY your stomach! I mean… really! Just do not eat anything. Because once you are there your taste buds will be intrigued by the smell and the look of every dish. Here are my five best food you should not miss when in Bologna.

 Le Tagliatelle al Ragù

Better known as pasta Bolognese in other parts of the world. In Italy and Bologna in particular, they don’t use spaghetti for this dish, simply because the pasta could not totally hold the creamy sauce. They eat it with tagliatelle. But where do you find the best tagiliatelle al Ragù? Go to the small alleys, because chances are, the restaurants or trattoria’s there have better food than those on the main street or near the tourist attractions. I found my best Ragù at Fiordaliso. It is a cute cafettaria and pasticceria in Via Nazario Sauro 8D. In the evening they serve dinner.

gramigna Gramigna alla Salsiccia

This is another sort of pasta dish in Bologna which is “OMG! Very delicious!”. The pasta is called gramigna, a very firm, swirled-form pasta. This pasta is a typical pasta from the region of Emilia-Romagna. Traditionally they make the sauce with local sausages which is called Salsiccia. They mix the sausages with tomato sauce or cream sauce. I prefer the tomato sauce. I tasted this dish at Scalinatella in Via Caduti di Sefalonia 5e.


Parmigiano Reggiano

In Via Pescherie Vecchie we can find small eateries and delicatessen shops which are featured in many travel guides, blogs or travel programmes. It is actually a very cozy small street where the locals and travellers miggle and enjoy their super quick lunch (like bread with Parmaham and cheese of couse). If you want to buy your parmesan cheese, you can buy it here. The price in every store is quite different. In one store you could pay €10 for 500 gr parmesan, while in other store you could pay €15. It all depends on de quality and how ripe it is. I prefer buying delicatessen where the locals also shop. I bought my stock of goodness in Mercato delle Erbe. It is a local daily market where you can buy fruits, pasta, meats, fish, vegetables and of course cheeses. This market and its surroundings turn to be something different in the evening. It becomes the most fun and cozy dining spot under the stars. The locals come here to drink, chat with friends, end their busy day accompanied by good music and of course good food. Go talk with the locals while you are there, they are very friendly and open to travellers. And don’t forget to eat… lots of it.


Believe me, every tortellini you have ever tasted outside italy was NOTHING compare to the tortellini in Bologna. The photo says it self: Le Bellezze di Bologna! The beauty of Bologna. De pasta has rich characters. The filling (mostly meat) is super tasty yet not too heavy. One of the best pasta shops in Bologna where they sell home made tortellini is Paolo Atti & Figli in Via Drapperie 6. Buy you stock there and enjoy the smell of Bologna all over again when you are back home.

Photofrom: Oggi Gelato, Press photos
Photo from: Oggi Gelato, Press photos


The factory of the gelato machine Carpigiani is actually not that far away from Bologna. If you rent a car in Italy, a day trip to the factory is worth to try. Check the website for further information. In the city centre of Bologna you can find gelato everywhere. But the question is, which one is the best? During my four day visit in Bologna, I visited also four gelateria’s. As usual I always look for places outside the crowded zone. However this time I have to admit, the one that I really love in Bologna is located exactly in the crowded zone. Its Oggi Gelato in Via Ugo Bassi. This gelateria is quite famous and has many stores in different cities in Italy. The store in Bologna is very easy to find, not only because it is situated at a great location but also because you can just smell the chocolate and other flavours from a far. If your eyes can not guide you to it, believe me, your nose will.

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