Just say it!

It has been a roller coaster ride these last three months. I have been so tired and exhausted, nauseated and bloated. Totally not me! At first I did not know what happened… but on Boxing Day (that is a day after X-mas) I found out about it. But I could not tell everyone yet! Argh, this is devastating.

But now I can! So, the reason why I have been so damn lazy these last weeks and rarely post anything or approaching new projects etc. is because… I’m pregnant! 12 weeks and going!

Since yesterday I felt much better than those first 11 weeks. For the first time since months, I did not have morning sickness and dizziness. I feel great! So I decided to just say it and wrote and extra blogpost for a really good friend of mine, who is also a blogger, for her blog www.mrsmama.nl. I wrote about how fun it is travelling with kids and why every parent should just do it! It is in Dutch and I promise I will soon write the English version of it.

So I have told you that I am expecting the second child, what am I going to do with this blog? Well, this blog stays to be my travel and food blog, which for the next 7 months will be more about travelling with kids, travelling during pregnancy and the foods I crave during this pregnancy (which is A LOT!!). I would probably tell you about how exciting it is for our little adventurer who is pretty ecstatic about being a big sister and how she enjoys this process so much and learn a lot of things along the way. We are very glad that this one comes at the right time and space.

And … I have already an exciting travel itinerary ahead, over a few months… just wait and see. Because you see… do not let your big belly get in the way, just adapt your pace a little bit, keep travelling and enjoy the world! At least until it’s time to call the midwife.

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