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I basically have a good smart phone and with all those photo apps, I can make a decent Instagram-worth of photo while travelling. But if you know who I am, I always look for something new and intriguing, especially when it comes to new gadget to bring while travelling. So I googled some gadgets and found some interesting things on a Dutch website called telefoonhoesjestore.

The name of the website says it all. It is actually an online shop where you can buy cases for your smart phone. At first I saw some lovely phone cases with world map or great travelling pictures on it, they are mostly for iPhone (sob, sob). They do not have one for my LG G4. To make sure, whether the website is up to date, I contacted them and got other recommendations. That’s nice, a good customer service. I have chosen the one on the photo instead, quite chic and classy, my kind of things. But for those of you who have smart phones from Apple or Samsung, they really do have loads of assortments.

As curious as I can be, I search for other stuffs of course. Something that pretty handy to bring while travelling. By accessories I saw a tele lens for mobile phone. I thought, “It could not be!” But I am pretty curious about it, so I ordered it eventually (impulsive, I know, I know).

To really test it, you do have to go to places. So I went to the city park in Eindhoven and Strijp-S. I took some pictures without the lens and pictures with it. Here is what I think about it:

It is a universal smart phone tele lens with 8x zoom possibilities, so it should basically fits every smart phone. On my LG G4, it does not fit correctly at least at the first few minutes. I struggle quite a little bit to steady the phone on the perfect position while I turn the lens right or left to have a good shot.

in zoomed with tele lens.
not zoomed
without tele lens.

Some shots are OK. The lens does in-zoomed pretty far. It gives also the tilt-shift effect on your photo. This tele lens is also pretty handy if you do not have a binocular when you are travelling, watching football or going to a concert at Wembley Arena, for example. I would definitely take it with me when I am going to Bruno Mars concert next year, just because binocular is so last century.

Overall, I think it is a very cute and practical gadget to have when travelling. Especially when you do not want to bring your SLR camera and that heavy backpack around. But please do not expect that it would make very good and sharp shots like an SLR camera.

Giveaway (Dutch readers)

I, however, love the fact that nowadays there are lots of new gadgets for our smart phones, because let us be honest: we almost cannot life without our phone, right? And for that reason, allow me to share with you the joy of having new cases or gadgets for your phone in this festive month.

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The winner will be announced on Monday, December 5, 2016, on my facebook, instragram and twitter. Hurry up! The clock is ticking.

The winner is: Albertine (Allaboutmorreau) from her instagram follow and like.

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