Fun places in the Netherlands

fun places netherlands

Summer is here! Time to travel. From time to time I like to share tips on where to go with your kids when you are travelling in the Netherlands. There are many fun places here in the Netherlands to be enjoyed with kids.

I, however, do understand why many tourists go to Amsterdam. I mean, its the capital city! It is just the same like me going to Rome or Paris or Madrid. I also want to see what makes the city famous. Having said that, I always try, in every trip, to read blogs, or scrolling down the social media paths to see what’s really trending around or outside the capital city, especially when going with kids.

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

For public transportation with small children, Amsterdam is not quite child friendly. Because the city is already so crowded, walking or cycling around the city with kids can be overwhelming, not only for the parents but also for the child. When the weather is good, try to find places where kids can be kids and parents can rest from the hustle and bustle. Vondelpark is one of them. It is situated at the centre of the city. After having your cultural enlightenment at the Rijksmusem or Van Gogh museum, walk towards the concertgebouw and go right. At the corner of the street you can see the gate to Vondelpark.

More about south of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Zuid).

Wondering what you can do there? Well, if you ask me, I would bring my picnic cloth and have a picnic there. If you have a baby, like me now, your baby can lay down or maybe crawl on the grass. Older kids can just play at the park. Believe me, any child can make up anything they can do at the park. Let their creativity be free. As for us the parents, well… we can breathe! That long awaited inhale…exhale session after walking for hours. If you do not want to have a picnic there is also a cozy tea house at the park: the blue tea house.

Zoo, Blijdorp in Rotterdam and Artis in Amsterdam

Another alternative to go with kids during a hot summer day or hectic vacation day is the zoo. The Netherlands has plenty of Zoos. So many that even I have not visited them all. When you only have a week or ten days time to go around the Netherlands I recommend going to Artis in Amsterdam or Blijdorp in Rotterdam. Both Zoos are great and has their own characteristics. Artis is the oldest Zoo in the Netherlands and it has so many other things too, such as the planetarium and micropia. Micropia is the place for extremely small organism, such as bacteria, mold etc. Very cool to see with older children.

fun places netherlands

Blijdorp is a zoo in Rotterdam. It is situated at the centre of the city not that far from the train station. At some point in the zoo, you can see a bridge where the trains going to and from the station. Blijdorp is quite huge, so this will be a whole day trip for you and the kids. My favorite part is the Oceanium. It is a very cool place for a very hot summer day.

Nemo in Amsterdam

No, it is not that cute clown fish from the Disney movie, it is a science and technology museum. The main attraction of Nemo is it’s location, which is near by Amsterdam Central Station. Second attraction is the rooftop of the museum. There is always an exhibition there but you can enjoy the both the exhibition and the great view of Amsterdam from there.

Efteling in Waalwijk

When the kids are tired being dragged around the museums, old buildings and forced to listen to some extra history lessons, they are in need of some break. What other break is better than going to a theme park. The Netherlands has plenty of it. Almost in every province. But Efteling is the most famous. It is located in the North Brabant Province, a little bit down south. To go there you have to go with a car or you take the train to Tilburg and from there the special bus that goes to the park.

My tips are go on a week day and go early. This place is the Disneyland of the Netherlands. Huge, popular and there by: CROWDED. If you go on the weekend and arriving late… well, it will be packed! Another tips is to buy the tickets online and get some discount.

So, where are you going to go in The Netherlands this summer? Hopefully the weather will be sunny and dry. And if you have any questions about travelling with kids in the Netherlands, just let me know!

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