Five things to do in Bruges

Still blogging about cities in Belgium this week. Don’t worry, this will be the last one in this series, at least for this moment. In my previous blogpost I have written about where to eat the best chocolate in Bruges. Now I want to share with you the five things to do in Bruges according to my experience.

The most photographed spot of Bruges

No doubt the most photographed spot in Bruges is by the side of the Dijver Canal. All year long tourists are making their time to take pictures at this spot! It is pretty essential to capture your moment there. For me, once in a life time you have to experience that postcard moment yourself, everywhere you travel. Like taking your picture at the Eifel Tower or at the Taj Mahal. Eventhough you have to fight for the best spot with thousands of other tourists, just once you have to have that obligatory shot.

This spot has, however, its charms. I don’t know why, but when I was there in the autumn a few years back, it had that romantic vibe around it. What a warm pretty feeling!

Visit the fries museum

I have not got the picture myself but I walked along the streets of Bruges and saw this museum, which at that time was closed. As the producer of the best fries in the world, you have to pay a visit to a fries museum, while in Belgium and particularly when in Bruges.

Go to the lover’s bridge

Another romantic spot in Bruges is the lake and the lover’s bridge. When you take a boat tour you will stop at this spot and see lots of beautiful swans around the lake. Again in autumn, when you stand at the bridge you will feel that romantic atmosphere again.

No wonder that many lovers come to this place and just like any other romantic spots in other cities in the world, they will sealed their visit by hanging a lock with their names on it, just like in Pont Neuf or Ponte Vecchio.

Visit the coastal cities nearby

Bruges is situated not far from the coastal line of Belgium. If you go by car or rent a car, you can visit some of the coastal cities adjacent to Bruges, some of them are: Zeebrugge, Blankenberge, de Haan and Oostende. And when you have plenty of times, try the coastal tram line. This tram line connects every coastal cities from north to south.

If relaxation is your thing, then just lay down at the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and sometimes… just sometimes, the crowded boulevards.

Go crazy with Chocolate

Another delicacy from Belgium is the chocolate and in my previous post I have written all about it. You are obligated to eat a lot of it, when in Bruges.

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