Five Places to Visit in Switzerland

Due to a few hectic days at work I was not able to post anything last week. But I am back! This time I interviewed one of my girlfriends. Her name is Anda, an Indonesian girl, lives in Brussels, a travel fanatic and a blogger. She travels a lot! I have asked her several times whether she would love to be featured on my blog to share her travel encounters. Finally, the moment is here. Having seen all of her photos on social media when she was in Switzerland made me wonder where the best places are and why. I asked Anda to tell me more about travelling in Switzerland and here is what she tells me.    

Tell me why you went to Switzerland (ok, rather a stupid question, since I know that the country is so beautiful, but hey you have to start a question somewhere? Right?)
“I went there last summer. One of my closest friends (when I lived in Bali a few years ago), Nadine, comes from Switzerland. She is back in her home country, so I thought I drop by and got the chance to have a local as a tour guide. Perfect, right?”

Anda en Nadine

Where did you go exactly?
“I went to the place where Nadine lives, Schaffhausen, then we went to Zurich, Luzern, Bern (via Interlaken), Lausanne and Geneva. Before I went backpacking with Nadine, my husband and I also visited Basel, Zug, St. Gallen and Davos. All of those cities I mentioned were just beautiful.”

Which season would you recommend others to go to Switzerland?
“I think the best time to visit Switzerland is in spring, summer and autumn. If you ask me, I would rather go in summer. You can stop by at those beautiful lakes and rivers they have there, have a swim with breath-taking views and the water … oh the water is just so pure, transparent and refreshing. Another reason why I choose summer as the best time to visit is because you travel light in summer. You don’t have to worry about your winter coats and snow boots and ear warmers and stuffs and the day is longer in the summer than in the winter.”


What are the five places you have to visit in Switzerland?
“Hmm, that’s a tricky one. You have to see everything in every city. Hmm… let me think… Well, some things are quite the same in various cities and you are going to walk through it anyway. So you definitely have to see the old part of town and the biggest or oldest church. It will tell you a lot about the history of the city.”

From Anda’s experience these are the top five places she thinks you have to visit.

First: Zurich – “The park along the Zürichsee lake. The view is just pretty!”

Second: Luzern (English: Lucerne) – “I just love this city! You really, really have to walk around the old city, go across the river and the walk on the Chapel Bridge, which is the oldest surviving truss bridge in the world. Also near Luzern, you have to go to the top of Mount Pilatus with the world’s steepest cogwheel railway. And how do you climb down Pilatus? With a mountain coaster of course! It’s called a Toboggan. You really have to try it! For me it was very exciting!”

Third: Interlaken – “Stay a day in Interlaken! I haven’t, due to the shortage of time. I drove right through it and from that very short encounter I told myself that I have to come back and spend a day there. Trust me, it’s a must thing to do!”


Forth: Lausanne – “When in Lausanne, visit the olympic museum and take a long stroll along the river. Magnificent!”

Fifth: Geneva – “Well, you know Geneva because of the United Nation and the Red Cross headquarters, right? So, that place is absolutely a must see when you in Geneva and also the old town of course.”

“In many cities we took a free walking tour and we loved this option. They took us to the most important places of the city and also gave recommendation of the best place to eat. Isn’t that nice?”

There are still more interesting facts and tips from Anda when she travelled Switzerland and it is a pitty if I don’t share it all. So this interview is to be continued. On the next post Anda will revealed the culinary gems of Switzerland. Ooh, just thinking about it, my belly is already rumbling!

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