My very first Vakantiebeurs as a Travel blogger

Vakantiebeurs is a the Dutch tourism fair. I have actually never been to it before since I live in the Netherlands, but the promotion about the event keeps lingering in my head each year. I thought to my self: Why not go now as a travel blogger! So I did! Here’s what I think about the Vakantiebeurs this year.

It was a cold wednesday morning. Rain poured down the city of Utrecht, yet loads of people kept walking towards the famous convention hall in Utrecht, De Jaarbeurs. Its location is pretty strategic. People who came with train could easily access it. It was just around the corner. People who drove could park at the adjacent parking lot. At 10 o’clock in the morning … it was… crowded.

Walking through the continents

It is not only a tourism fair but if you would like to learn more about tourism, you can. During the first two days, they held many seminars and workshop with interesting speakers. It was mainly for media but it was pretty handy for bloggers and tourism fanatics who wanted to dig into the tourism world.

There were several halls. Each halls presented different themes and continents. The first continent I walked into was (West) Europe. I was welcomed by the scenic music of Greece, the white blue houses and the smell of food. Tourism boards of Spain, Italy, Portugal and France were most visited. It was busy there, you even had to queue sometimes.

When walking into the next hall I was welcomed by the sounds of lions and the chirping birds form the savannah of Africa. What a warm feeling! As much as I wanted to learn more about the tourism trends of Africa, my taste buds could not resist that smell… the smell of Asian food at the next hall!

Vakantiebeurs best stand

Asian and Caribbean hall was the most colourful one, just exactly as the continent itself. One of the eye catchers there was not a stand of a tourism board of a country but a stand of a tour operator, Djoser. Their stand was extravaganza. Colourful clothes of India, a temple entrance, totems, wayangs, banana trees, everything exotic you could find it there. I have to say, this one is my favourite of the fair.

Another interesting hall is the American continent, with USA as the spotlight. They have many stands and were pretty crowded most of the time. You have stands specialized in the deep south, west coast, east coast, Florida and many more. I think they do need come publicity after what happened at the election last year.

I did enjoyed my visit to the tourism fair. As a new blogger, I would recommend going to such fairs to broaden your skills and horizon. Not only would you get inspirations to travel more, you will also learn to know more companies in this business for future references.

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