Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Yulia van de Laar and I am a travel and food fanatic. I live in a small village near Eindhoven in North Brabant, The Netherlands, where I live with my husband and daughters. I originally come from Indonesia where I get my passion on cooking and travelling from. My dad used to travel a lot for business and my mum is still experimenting a lot when she cooks. Both of these inspirational figures play very important roles in my pursuit of happiness.

Blue sky Red pepper is my travel / food blog. It is a blog about my life in the Netherlands and how I see this country and other countries in Europe through travelling and eating.


There are thousands of travel blogs out there and how should my blog be any different? This is a tough question to answer! So here are the points that I think really interpret my blog:

  1. About the The Netherlands from someone who is not from the Netherlands.
  2. About travelling in Europe from someone who is not from Europe.
  3. About Eindhoven from someone who is not from Eindhoven.



I have worked for both printed and broadcast media since the beginning of my career in Indonesia and later on in the Netherlands. With history and literature as education backgrounds, I can’t help to admit that my passion for writing and travelling keeps triggering me to discover the world.

At the moment I blog, write freelance for a magazine in a small municipal near Eindhoven (De Uitstraling), I am a cook and  a full time mom of two beautiful daughters.

Want to know whether we can collaborate together? Click here for further information, of just send an e-mail to yulia@blueskyredpepper.nl