How I spend Christmas Holiday

Just like in other parts of the world where they celebrate Christmas, the Netherlands also celebrates it with two weeks school holiday and ends after New Year’s day (this year a week after New Year’s day). So what do you do, when you also have two weeks off from work, but your husband do not? There’s goes tropical island! Bye bye! So for us this year is staying-at-home kind of holiday. Desperate searching for activities for you and your kids? Well, you’re not alone, sister! But here’s what we have done so far this week.

Christmas Holiday activity 1: to the movies

We opened our two weeks fiesta with going to the movies! Just the two of us. Choose the early in the morning show, when all those energy bubbles still bursting out of that little monster of yours. Having eaten popcorn and all of that, be sure to stroll along the city after wards. Believe me, they need some fresh air and a running session and so do you!

Christmas holiday activity 2: making breakfast together

This was what we did the next day. Little miss did not want to get up early, so she cuddled up with me in bed. Afterwards she got hungry and I got pretty lazy (where in the world would a mom with a 5 years old still cuddling in bed at 9.30 AM?? IT NEVER HAPPENED before! So I want to cherish that moment by … well… by please-just-get-back-to-sleep-kind-of-face).

Well OK. So we got up and made some waffles together, from scratch! For me, it is always fun to do some baking and cooking with my little red pepper. She learns the ingredients we use in our food and she also loves the fact that it is going to be a mess. The waffles we made were served with honey, fruits and also icing sugar… don’t judge! It’s homemade so it’s healthy! Haha.

Christmas holiday activity 3: a play date in another city

Playing with other kids is always a great trick for your child to have a well spent holiday. AND a great trick for you to have a nice day off without having your child nagging all the time. I happen to have some best friends who lives in other cities, like Rotterdam. So while the children are busy playing, mommies can be busy doing other things, like eating and chatting.

The most fun stuff is actually the journey. When you do have plenty of time, why not try going with the train? This kind of transportation is very convenient in the Netherlands. I sometimes reckon that it is better than driving.

This is just the first week of our Christmas holiday and we still have loads of things planned for next week. Check out my blog next week for more stories. In the meantime I proudly incourage my self to be lazy and indulge my self with loads of food and series.

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