Vacation stress: extra vaccination for baby

vacation stress

Have you ever had that day as a mom when you have everything for the vacation all well planned, on schedule and suddenly something twist all the zen in you? Just at the point when you are ready to relax from all those stress from work, buzy daily routines and kids extra activities … you’re back at point zero: vacation stress! I think every mom who is going to travel with their kids have had this experience, at least once. That one time… strike me this time.

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Just say it!

It has been a roller coaster ride these last three months. I have been so tired and exhausted, nauseated and bloated. Totally not me! At first I did not know what happened… but on Boxing Day (that is a day after X-mas) I found out about it. But I could not tell everyone yet! Argh, this is devastating.

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How I spend Christmas Holiday

Just like in other parts of the world where they celebrate Christmas, the Netherlands also celebrates it with two weeks school holiday and ends after New Year’s day (this year a week after New Year’s day). So what do you do, when you also have two weeks off from work, but your husband do not? There’s goes tropical island! Bye bye! So for us this year is staying-at-home kind of holiday. Desperate searching for activities for you and your kids? Well, you’re not alone, sister! But here’s what we have done so far this week.

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