Vacation stress: extra vaccination for baby

vacation stress

Have you ever had that day as a mom when you have everything for the vacation all well planned, on schedule and suddenly something twist all the zen in you? Just at the point when you are ready to relax from all those stress from work, buzy daily routines and kids extra activities … you’re back at point zero: vacation stress! I think every mom who is going to travel with their kids have had this experience, at least once. That one time… strike me this time.

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Addicted to Down Town Gourmet Market

That I love food is totally acknowledged, at least by my inner circle. I love food that tastes like the soul, love and passion of the ones who make it. I dont like food just because it looks beautiful and expensive. One thing I know, you put food inside your mouth and eat it, not stare at it. SO for the sake of my love for soul food, I want to share my latest favorite hotspot in town: Down Town Gourmet Market.

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