When in Bruges, eat chocolate! Lots of ’em!

Bruges or Brugge is one of that charming cities you have to visit in Belgium. Bruges is famous and therefore is packed with tourists all year long. However, if you know the tricks and gems to avoid the crowd, you will enjoy your time when you are in Bruges.

I have been to Bruges for several times. After the first time my reason to go back to Bruges is simple: the food! What else? Well, actually, for the chocolate. Bruges and chocolate are totally unseparable. Before my Bruges experience I did not really care where I bought my bon-bons or pralines in Belgium, but now… I never, ever, ever go to any other place… except that one chocolate shop in Bruges (and its other branch in Antwerp).

Bruges and chocolate

Belgium is famous for its delicatessen. One of the best ones is chocolate! But how can you compare all those stores? Well, by eating it I suppose… a lot of it! From the artisanal and famous bon-bons shops in Belgium, I have to admit The Chocolate Line is still the best one. It is owned by the Godfather of Belgium chocolate, Dominique Persoone.

I did not know this name a few years ago, until I watched a documentary about him and his chocolate expeditions and workshops on the telly. He is such an extravagant person, a pure artist I may say, adventurous! So therefore his image, the crossing of Indiana Jones and funky bad boy of the chocolate world, really suits him.

Chocolate flavours

My favourite chocolate is the one with fried union mix. Yes, you read it good: fried union! He mixes various ingredients which we never thought of doing when it comes to chocolate. Why not chocolate with cilantro and mint? Or wasabi? However, if those ingredients do not trigger your taste buds, he still has the classical favourites like hazelnut pralines or white chocolate ganache.

His store in Bruges is at the corner of the busiest street of Bruges (Steenstraat). The address is Simon Steveinsplein, 19. If you happen do not have time to go to Bruges and only stay in Antwerp, then you can find another store of the Chocolate Line at Paleis op de Meir, Meir 50. Its location is also pretty strategic, at the shopping street of Antwerp. You can find it easily.

Other chocolate stores

Still not buying my review about The Chocolate Line? Well, you can off course try other famous chocolate shops in Bruges, like the one from Neuhaus, Godiva, Leonidas, Choco-holic or from Pierre Marcolini.

We tried the last one since I have also known his name after watching one of the documentaries on Netflix. My expectations were high when tasting the ice cream and chocolate from an haute chocolatier store. But for a €5 ice cream, Pierre Marcolini’s Eskimo Bar was… as similar as magnum.

Still curious about what you can see and do in Bruges? Wait for my next post!

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