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Not only I enjoy travel programmes, I also love food and travel programmes. Doh??? Go figure! Lately, I watch a lot of it, I mean A LOT! So many, until my husband became hopeless at some point and watch it together with me anyway! LOL! If you are a crazy foodie and travel junkie like me, you maybe allready know these shows. If you have not, well… now is maybe the right time to search it and get watching… oh, prepare some snacks before watching. Post view craving is totally not underrated.

Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown

I actually love everything this man produces / writes for television. He is a great story teller. I am sure you are familiar with his shows. From No reservations, The Layovers and now Parts Unknown. He has won many Emmy Awards. I don’t know, I just love his bad ass style. LOL! All his programs has a genuine twist and angle, which many travel and food programs do not have.

Another American tv chefs, hat I like is Andrew Zimmern, with his Bizarre Foods show. While Bourdain sways me through his rhetorics, style and eposide plots, Zimmern’s choice of ingredients when eating, sometimes just amaze me.

Paul Hollywood – City Bakes

Having eating many savory dishes one would want to switch to something sweet. Hollywood is the famous judge from that baking program on BBC. Yes, I know, I know, what a granny show. But I am sure, many of you cool foodies, also like the Great British Bake Off. Paul Hollywood has made two seasons of City Bakes on Food Network. I love watching every episode of it. As a matter of fact, the show has inspire me to travel to some of the destinations he has visitied.

Phil Rosenthal – Somebody Feed Phil

Ten years ago, I could only watch these kind of food and travel programs on Discovery Travel, TLC or other cable channels. But since Netflix also provides interesting food and travel programs, I stream some of the best shows from it. Although show’s like the Chef’s Table is very intriguing and “served”with class, I tend to like shows which are more out of the box, socially awkward yet intellectually amusing. I have been over the moon watching Phil Rosenthal’s Somebody Feed Phil. I do like his awkward jokes, mimics and anecdotes. He looks pretty nerdy and absolutely not that type of travel presentator you would expect to see, but he does it really well actually. I do really hope, after reading this post you will see his netflix special. It is, at least for me, worthed.


So, those are my favorites food and travel programmes, there are actually still a bunch of it, like a Mind of the Chef’s, Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Best Places to be, Drive-ins, Diners and Dives, Giada in Italy, Sofia Colloca Made in Italy and many more. What is your favorite food and travel programmes? Share some with me. I love to hear it from you.



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