Amsterdam Light Festival: Enjoy the colourful lights of Amsterdam

If Eindhoven has its famous Glow festival, Amsterdam has its Amsterdam Light Festival. This is one of the things you must see when visiting Amsterdam this autumn and winter.

As you might figure out yourself, there are plenty of things to see in Amsterdam. Not only there are people everywhere in this city, there are also heaps of museums, monuments, landmarks and fun and creative hotspots. This is lovely and nice to do in the summer, when the days are long and the evenings are breezy. Riding on a bicycle, wandering around this rather small capital city.

However, Amsterdam is still pretty much alive during autumn and winter. Infact, this city never sleeps! So when you doubt that there are nothing to do in Amsterdam during the gloomy days in the winter, well think again!

Amsterdam lights in the winter

From November to January, Amsterdam will be lighted by many extraordinaries work of arts, which famously known as Amsterdam Light Festival. For several months artists will expose their light arts on / at / near / next to the canals and also all around the city centerThe exposition around the canals which called Water colors starts from november 30th 2017 to January 21st 2018. There are also exposition around the city center and this will start from December 14th 2017 to January 7th 2018. All works of art will be lighted from 17.00 to 22.00.

You can enjoy and admire these once in a life time experience on a relaxing boatride. There are many tourist boats in the city centre but the ones from Lovers are the most common and easy to find. And to celebrate this beautiful festival, Lovers has a special route which will cover the water route of the Amsterdam light festival.

So are you going to visit Amsterdam this November? Check the beautiful Amsterdam in the evening during the Amsterdam Light Festival! I am sure it will be an uforgettable experience.

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