Addicted to Down Town Gourmet Market

That I love food is totally acknowledged, at least by my inner circle. I love food that tastes like the soul, love and passion of the ones who make it. I dont like food just because it looks beautiful and expensive. One thing I know, you put food inside your mouth and eat it, not stare at it. SO for the sake of my love for soul food, I want to share my latest favorite hotspot in town: Down Town Gourmet Market.

The DTGM is a cozy place where you can have lunch or after work happy hour with your colleagues, have a long conversation with your besties over Vietnamese coffee and delicious pancakes and pinchos or foodies day out by sharing dishes which has Indonesian and Spanish roots in it. You name any kind of street and soul food from some of the famous countries in the world, I am sure you will find it here.

Food court

We are already familiar with this concept of eating. Various vendors selling various types of food from several backgrounds or countries. In South East Asia this is well known as the hawker centres or food court. In the Netherlands this concept has not been flourished for a long time, actually just since a few years ago. It began in Amsterdam with its Foodhal, then other cities like Rotterdam started to established that concept as well like in Markthal and Fenix Food factory and now Eindhoven has DTGM.

How to find this hidden gem when you are on your weekend break in Eindhoven? Easy peasy! This hotspot is located at the city centre, on the street called Smalle Haven 2 – 14, next to Happy Italy. If you are lucky, you can spot the red arrow of Eindhoven there, which means, the new hotspot of town.

Down Town Gourmet Market vendors

Inside the DTGM you will find vendors like, Vietnamama, Spadofood, Pietza, Squisito, Beef and the Wingman and many more. My favorite vendor so far is Vietnamama and Squisito. Both vendors serve authentic dishes from both countries. The Banh Mi from Vietnamama is oh-so-good! And the pasta pesto from Squisito is oh-my-mamamia-bellisima! My green pepper loves the sauerkraut hot dog from Haute Dogs and my little red pepper can’t get enough of the pizza margarita from Pietza.

DTGM is a very cool place to hang out and eat whatever you want to eat without the hustle of limited choice on the menu. This is the place where you can relax and just enjoy the food after having a long day or having a break or… only just because. It is for me a hidden gem in my favorite city, which now not so hidden anymore. Do you have  this kind of place in your city? I am curious to know.

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