Abel’s Deli, The Italian with a twist

Lucky me! Last week on Valentine’s day I’ve got the chance to attend the opening of a new hot spot: Abel’s Deli. It’s the new Italian from New York in Utrecht! How more diverse can you be?

When you are in the Netherlands and wanting to go out of the crowded Amsterdam, Utrecht is one of the places to be! I love this city, since the first time I set my two feet on the Dutch grounds back in 2004. It has that classic Dutch charms and style but because of the international atmosphere here, due to the university, this city is quite friendlier than Amsterdam.

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Abel’s Deli is a place where you want to have that fast and delicious food but healthy at the same time. I thought at the first place, is that even possible? Wel, when you talk about Italian food, then you must know, all that carbs in the pasta and cheese, are actually better than all those junk food, if you prepare it all fresh, off course.

The twist

But Abel’s Deli Italian food is not that Italian food you would expect from an Italian restaurant. Just like an Italian in New York, who would probably now and then do experiments of their traditional dish with other cuisine, the chefs of Abel’s Deli combine the simplicity of Italian cuisine, with the healthy food trends from around the world, such as that of Japanese or Nepalese food.

Their new store in Utrecht is in Vredenburg 157. It located in a very strategic place, at the corner of Vredenburgsplein, which you will pass by anyway, when you walk into the city. You just won’t miss it.


My first dish was surprisingly delicious. It is called Sushirrito! Apparently a trendy dish from San Francisco, which is simply a combination of a sushi and burrito. Mine has chicken, corn, avocado and sea weed in it, wrapped in sushi rolls. Scrumptious!!

The next one is the Budha Bowl, which is designed by a three star Michelin chef, Jacob Jan Boerma. A very healthy curry dish. I had mine with chicken, but you can also order it meat free, for vegetarian or vegan. The Bowl is filled with red lentils, radishes, carrots and paprika. Yummy!

And when one say Italy, one will know how Italians love their ice cream. At the new store you will be able to customize your own ice cream! I got mine with lemon curd, crumble and frozen berries. But they also have other toppings like pistachio, rose petals and even unicorn sugar candy.

Love Latte

Not only you can eat, drink very delicious coffee (try the love latte!), order some more food to go for the late night in your hotel / apartment room, you can also buy some delightful retail products (which are off course Italian delicatessen) such as wine, olive oil, Italian meringue and even cannoli.

So next time you go to Utrecht, stop by at Abel’s Deli and let me know what you think about it!

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