Why I love India

I have travelling genes from my dad. When he was still working for the Indonesian government, he travelled a lot. South Korea, Singapore, India, the Netherlands, you name it. One of the unforgettable experiences I have ever had when travelling with my parents, was the time when we were living in India for several months. Yes, I lived in India when I was 4,5 years old! Since that time I have always some kind of strange bond with that land.

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Five Places to Visit in Switzerland

Due to a few hectic days at work I was not able to post anything last week. But I am back! This time I interviewed one of my girlfriends. Her name is Anda, an Indonesian girl, lives in Brussels, a travel fanatic and a blogger. She travels a lot! I have asked her several times whether she would love to be featured on my blog to share her travel encounters. Finally, the moment is here. Having seen all of her photos on social media when she was in Switzerland made me wonder where the best places are and why. I asked Anda to tell me more about travelling in Switzerland and here is what she tells me.    

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