Best Food and Travel Programmes

Not only I enjoy travel programmes, I also love food and travel programmes. Doh??? Go figure! Lately, I watch a lot of it, I mean A LOT! So many, until my husband became hopeless at some point and watch it together with me anyway! LOL! If you are a crazy foodie and travel junkie like me, you maybe allready know these shows. If you have not, well… now is maybe the right time to search it and get watching… oh, prepare some snacks before watching. Post view craving is totally not underrated.

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Snack Tag

A lovely blogger, Daphne from lagreenvie, has tagged me on the snack tag. What a good idea! Since it has been a long time that I post something about food. And post giving birth last august, I have enjoyed eating like never before! Even before pregnant. I do try to eat healthy because I breast feed, but once in a while, momma has to have some fun and eat her guilty pleasure! Here are my answers to the Snack Tag.

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Addicted to Down Town Gourmet Market

That I love food is totally acknowledged, at least by my inner circle. I love food that tastes like the soul, love and passion of the ones who make it. I dont like food just because it looks beautiful and expensive. One thing I know, you put food inside your mouth and eat it, not stare at it. SO for the sake of my love for soul food, I want to share my latest favorite hotspot in town: Down Town Gourmet Market.

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